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Music Boosters Meeting Minutes

Date: June 19, 2017

Time: 7:09-8:30 PM
Location: Allen School, Multi-purpose room


Attendees: Richie Monteith, Melissa Rahn, Suzy Gonzales, Candy Strivens, Libby Green, Brad Gonzales, Richard Lacy, Marlene Levine, Greta Kramer


Absent Officers: Bailey Diediker and Linda Roth


Meeting was called to order at 7:09 pm, by Richie Monteith. 


Approval of minutes: Brad motioned, Suzy second, minutes passed unanimously


Treasures Report:  We currently have $17,968.00 in our checking, $343.00 in our Savings and $5,005 in a CD gaining $0.43 interest.  Bringing our total to $23,316.00.  Melissa motioned, Brad second, motion passed unanimously.


Band director’s report:  was moved to new business


Old Business:


Bob’s bar coffee money turned in was $66.00.  The Bob’s coffee fundraiser will continue until we leave for the Alamo bowl.


Street Dance on June 10th was a success.  We grossed a net profit of $2642.00.  Huge thank you to everyone who helped set up and stayed to support this fundraiser.  Kathy Boswell with the Allen Alumni Association reached out to Richie and decided to donate back their portion of the gate money to help with the dance.


New Business:           


Fundraising: upcoming fundraiser for the fall will be the selling of cookie dough, hams, puffins.  Mr. Lacy also announced he would like to do a couple of dinners this fall to help raise some additional funds to either cut the cost down per student or provide the students with another meal on their bowl trip.


Bowl shirts:  We can use the Alamo bowl logo on our shirts. Mr. Lacy asked us to check into different companies to make the shirts and to see how many sponsors will be on the shirts and if the students’ names will fit on the shirts also.  The logo design will be put on hold for a while until we receive the tuba covers back.  These covers are being custom made for this bowl game.  Mr. Lacy would like to have the covers and shirts match.  Richie and Melissa are going to contact a couple of different shirt companies to get some quotes.


Alamo Bowl: Mr. Lacy started out by stating the moratorium that is in place is not valid in our situation and we have been cleared to depart the school on Monday, December 25.


Next, Richie then read a couple of messages from two different parents on their opinion on the departure date of December 25.  One of the letters was in favor for the date and time announced and one was opposed. 


Mr. Lacy mentioned that about four months ago he had received several questions from parents about when we would be leaving for the bowl game.  He then contacted the company in Salt Lake City who organizes these trips and they did not have any dates to release.  He was told these dates were going to be schedule through ESPN and as soon as dates became available he would be contacted.  Mr. Lacy was contacted around the last week of May and released these dates around the first of June.


Candy Strivens spoke on behalf of herself and Rodney and mentioned they have heard nothing but good about the Alamo bowl trip and the parents she has spoken too are in support of the departure date and time.  For those in attendance at the booster meeting they all had received similar feedback from other parents they have visited with.


Mr. Lacy has agreed to put the final decision of departure time on hold until the school year begins this fall.  At that time, he would like to take a paper ballot from the students with help from Mr. Pattee.  Mr. Lacy will also be sending home a ballot to the parents this fall.


Our options for departure are going to be either Monday, December 25 at 3:00 PM or 12:00 AM.  If the departure time of 12:00 AM goes through our students will miss the pep rally (which gives them 20 minutes to perform in front of all the other schools attending the bowl) and they will receive about 4 hours of sleep before attending the three-hour mass band rehearsal.


Additional New Business:


Greta Kraemer reported that the Allen Community Club has a lot of deli ham (currently frozen) left over from BRAN.  They would like to see if the music booster can use this. Some suggestions were to make sandwiches for the kids as they travel to San Antonio, or use during the dinners Mr. Lacy would like to hold this fall.

Greta also mentioned Schwan’s has been contacting her again about doing another fundraiser.  We raised around $1,000 last year.  Also, USBourn books would like to do a fundraiser.  This would be a similar set up to the Schwan’s fundraiser. 

Melissa also mentioned our RADA Cutlery fundraiser is still active until the end of November.

Mr. Lacy would like to have another Alumni letter go out.  We will be eliminating anyone who has already donated.  We will also be sending out a letter to area businesses asking for their support.

At this time, Richie asked for a motion to adjourn our meeting.  Greta motioned, Libby second, motion carried and was adjourned at 8:30 PM

3. It is a sponsored trip. There will be at least 1 adult per 4 children going.


Next Meeting: August 21, 2017 @ 7:00 PM,  

Location, Allen School, All booster meeting will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month.


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